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2013 at a glance

I’ve come a long way since those very first days of the 2013 new year. Although my intentions for starting this blog stays the same, my experiences that I dreamed of doing went beyond my expectations. Looking back, I’ve grown emotionally, mentally, and physically. I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished. I kept true to my F.F.A.B life and produced a better, happier, whole ME. I’ve expanded my network and made F.riendships that will last a lifetime. And as I planned, I’ve rekindled many of my friendships that needed mending and maintaining. My F.aith in God has grown stronger than ever- unexplained in words, but felt deep in the heart. Truly God has blessed me in so many ways although I am less than perfect. I let go of all my worries this year, and had him lead my life. He’s blessed me with caring friends and supportive family members. During my travels, I didn’t have anything to fear or be lonely, because I knew he was always there by my side. And along my path of creating this F.F.A.B.ulous life, God led me to find true LOVE. Finding love was a bonus for me this year. I never expected it nor asked for it- just that if God gave me someone to be with for the rest of my life, I’ll gladly accept it as a gift. During this year, I’ve gone through so much A.dventures. Never in a million years did I think I’d go back and forth to Texas. But in honesty, never say never! Texas is where I rekindled my friendships with my long lost friends. It is where I enjoyed my most F.F.A.Bulous single days.  It was also where I fell in love. I finally had the chance to visit my family in Hawaii, hike up mountains, overcome my fear of heights while doing so, and experience a waterfall which all were on my bucketlist. I finally had the courage to travel out of the country on my own- visiting Switzerland, France, Austria, and Luxembourg with my cousins as my tour guides. Europe was an amazing trip. It’s ironic how I’ll be moving there in a couple of months to be with my husband =) It’s funny to  look back at all the little things that happened to me to get to the bigger picture of what God’s plan was for me all along.

I can say that this is by far my most memorable year of my life. I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve taken care of my whole being and topped it off with the love of my life finding me. A good friend once told me, “Work on being the best person you can be, and the right guy will find you. Because, to find the right guy, you need to be the right girl.”

Here’s to a wonderful, memorable, F.F.A.B.ulous 2013. I will cherish it forever. May this new year continue to bring HOPE, PROSPERITY, MOTIVATION, and DEDICATION.




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The Hills Are Alive

My favorite part of my f.f.a.b life this year is definitely my Adventures. My ultimate adventure and at the top of my dream list was to visit Europe. So I hopped on a plane in June and went on my way to Central Europe.  For the next three weeks, I would live, love, laugh, and eat everything European. I was more excited than nervous. This was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

First stop: Austria


Taking a picture at the borderline of Austria and Switzerland; I was in two places at once. This was an easy day trip to which I knew exactly where I wanted to go- THE HILLS!

20130929-105653.jpgSo I took the Pfanderbahn in Brengenz to see the view from atop the Austrian mountains.

20130706-060536.jpg  20130706-060519.jpg

I was in awe at how amazing and beautiful the mountains were. Although the pictures don’t give it justice, the hills were definitely ALIVE!


Towards the end of the trip, we decided to hike down to see what we can pass up on ground.

austria2  austria1

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Bern Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland was the next pit stop after my trip overlooking the Alps in Rigi. This place is the capital of Swiss Bank Row. I was literally standing over gold! The buildings were gorgeous, the river so blue and pristine, and I could hang out at the cafes all day if I wanted to.





The Swiss are known for their intricate clockworks. There seems to always be a town clock that rings every hour. This interesting one in the middle of town rings with dancing bears and music.


Taking a cappuccino break at Cafe Felix.


Visiting the federal palace of Switzerland

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There must be something in the water…or cows

I spent most of my stay in Zurich Switzerland. It has so much to offer- countryside escapes and city excursions intertwined together. So you have the best of both worlds.  Just behind my cousin’s modern home that overlooks the lake and city buildings is a path that passes through vineyards, apple trees, cherry trees and cows grazing on the hill. The water is so clean and crisp, you can drink it directly from the well. I took a water break after our walk though the vineyards.


   Directly behind my cousin’s backyard is a farm that sells fresh produce and dairy. This was the view from one of her bedroom windows.


Traveling through the back roads to get to the farm stands are common in Switzerland. Here, we bought fresh baked bread where the owner leaves the baked goods at the front of the house. They are labeled with a price, and buyers just drop the money in a box. Some even write IOU’s. And they actually come back and pay! The Swiss are known to be honest people.

20130706-062250.jpg  20130706-062259.jpg  20130706-062312.jpg

20130706-062337.jpg  20130706-062349.jpg

Back in the city, I indulged in Lindt and Sprungli chocolates!

20130929-100704.jpgFood is what brings people together. We did a lot of that during my stay in Zurich. Gatherings around the dinner table with my cousins was the best part.

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In The Country of LOVE

France was, by far, my most favorite place to visit! It was as how I imagined it to be- breathtaking and romantic! My first stop was in Strasbourg. It reminded me of Beauty and The Beast meets Hunchback of Notre Dame with the old attachment buildings painted in different colors, a huge cathedral in the middle of the town, people sitting  in outdoor cafes as they listen to live accordion music in the plaza .



20130706-061106.jpg   20130706-061116.jpg

On my way toward Paris, we passed by the French countryside. There would be little villages that popped up here and there during our drive. Then we finally reached Paris!

20130706-061151.jpg     Arc de Triomphe


Enjoying cappucinno near The Eiffel Tower.


Finding the Love Lock Bridge. You and your loved one write your names on a lock, make a wish, and throw the keys over the bridge for good luck.


19th Century Alexander Bridge. The most beautiful bridge in Paris.


Visiting the Louvre Museum. Home of the Mona Lisa.


My two-day stay in Paris was memorable and I will definitely come back with my future husband. It’s what everyone says it is- the City of Love. It’ll be even more romantic and memorable with a significant other by my side.

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A Heart Hidden in Christ

As I continue to move toward peace and contentment, I have found that I’ve been more encapsulated in my journey of spiritual Faith. It’s funny how God sets you on a course that you never, in your wildest thoughts, could ever conjure up- knowing that he has bigger and better plans for you. And nothing you could have imagined has brought you to where you are now.  When you just let go and let him lead the way, you feel that the burdens and worries you’ve been carrying in your heart has disappeared. When I finally realized to just let go, I thought to myself “I should have done this a long time ago!” But then again, God’s timing is perfect and I know it couldn’t have been any other way.
I am rebloging a post I found that speaks perfectly about having a heart hidden in Christ. Unfortunately, this blog has been discontinued. However, I’m glad most of this blogger’s insightful posts about Faith and Christ are still accessible. I hope this inspires you as much as it has for me =)

In Love With Christ

rose“A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ, that a man should have to seek Him first to find her.” Maya Angelou

As most of you know, I have this quote posted on the sidebar of this blog. It has a beautiful meaning and vision to me personally – and I think to every woman who reads it, for two reasons:

1) Our hearts long to be hidden (safe, adored, secure) in something or someone.

2) And the thought of a man seeking God to know our heart is so tender and precious, and would leave any woman feeling extremely loved and cherished.

I would like to discuss each reason in a little more depth.

Yes, our hearts long to be hidden in someone who will protect, love and cherish us immensely for who we are and who we are becoming. But to many women, this quest to be hidden in…

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Where land meets sea


Monterey, California. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever laid my eyes on. A place that I call home. Monterey is known for  its historic landmarks and California’s beginnings.

20130221-175947.jpg Monterey to many people is only known through stories created by the local author, John Steinbeck. I am fortunate to have lived and walked through his stories like Cannery Row and Tortilla Flat.


Besides its historical significance, Monterey has the most amazing scenery of where the land meets the sea. I often run on the trails that lie beside the ocean. Here is what I jog through on a regular basis. Enjoy!


The entrance to Fisherman’s Wharf.


Pit stop at Lover’s Point.




View of the ocean below on a trail at Pacific Grove.



Monterey’s signature look- Cypress trees that line up alongside the cliffs, overlooking the ocean.

20130221-180322.jpg ❤